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    • NOV 2014


    One of the most common acute illnesses in the industrialized world is also one of the most mistreated, the "common cold". More times than not, Moms will run the kids to the doctor, determined to head a cold off at the pass at the first sign of sneezing and sniffling, with antibiotics. "I know it's just a cold but I don't want it to get worse" . The idea that antibiotics help prevent or treat a common cold or in medical terms an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), a viral infection, is a very common misconception. Antibiotics actually could cause more harm than good because of their side effects.

    The "common cold" is actually a group of viruses, the most common being the rhinovirus. Antibiotics work on bacteria, not viruses. Your immune system can usually subdue a cold in 7-10 days. When symptoms last longer than 10 days, we become more concerned that a bacterial infection is setting in. This is when your doctor will entertain the need for antibiotics.

    Just because your doctor doesn't give you an antibiotic right away doesn't mean that he isn't treating you. There are several "over the counter" (OTC) medications they may recommend and a number of things you can do at home to combat the symptoms. Some of the more effective OTC medications are Cromolyn sodium, antihistamines, decongestants, and pain and fever meds like ibruprofen or naproxen . The cough in a cold is usually from post nasal drip so a decongestant or expectorant is usually more effective than a cough suppressant. Lorantine-D is a good example. Zinc preparations are not recommended as much anymore because they may cause permanent change in ability to smell.

    The mainstays for prevention of spread to others are regular hand washing and mouth covering into your arm when you sneeze or cough. You may also want to add regular exercise, taking vitamin C 200mg/day and gargling with salt water . Getting a flu shot during cold and flu season will not prevent colds but will help prevent a more severe illness, the flu, which is a good topic for another day.

    If you want to read more in depth articles on this subject, please go to: UpToDate.

    • OCT 2014

    Ballston Urgent Care meets members of the community at Clarendon Days

    Ballston Urgent Care participated at the 2014 Clarendon Days event. Dr. BUCky (our mascot) was another hit with all the visitors to our booth.

    We had a wonderful time meeting all the members of the local Arlington community and offered Free Flu Shot coupons for those that signed up.

    We look forward to next year's Clarendon Days and other community events where Dr. BUCky can meet even more people.

    • MAY 2014

    Ballston Urgent Care participates in Taste of Arlington

    Ballston Urgent Care was present at the 2014 Taste of Arlington event. We introduced our full sized Dr. BUCky (see photos) and he was a hit with all the visitors to our booth.

    We had a wonderful time meeting all the members of the local Arlington community and enjoyed providing blood pressure checks, body mass index (BMI) calculations and generally discussing where we are located and the services we provide.

    We look forward to next year's Taste of Arlington and other community events where Dr. BUCky can meet even more people.

    • MAR 2014

    Ballston Urgent Care is NOW OPEN!!

    We are very happy to announce that we are NOW OPEN and ready to see patients in our NEW Facility. While we are a new Urgent Care, our highly qualified and experienced providers look forward to meeting the members of our community.

    We certainly hope you are in good health but are ready to help when you need us. From colds and flu to bumps and breaks, our convient location and hours will help in getting you back to normal in no time.

    Speaking of time, you can always check the most recent Average Wait Times from our website. Either from your desktop computer or mobile phone, get the latest information on current wait times.